Active Serum / Serum Actif Cure Intensive – mini (2.5ml)



Formulated to combat the first signs of skin sensitivity and skin redness.

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Active Serum

Is your skin prone to redness? This Active Serum by Carole Franck improves skin’s blood circulation while maintaining optimal hydration. Stimulates cellular activity, regulates and restores micro-circulation. Calms and soothes, leaving your skin feeling fresh.

Going from the hot into the cold, treating yourself to a slightly too lavish meal, suffering emotional crises …, there are lots of things in life that can heighten the colour in your cheeks…specially if your skin is delicate and sensitive and, of course, if you suffer from a blotchy skin.


In order to help combat the embarrassment of an often un-aesthetically high colour, CAROLE FRANCK recommends SERUM ACTIVE. This serum restores the capillaries’ former elasticity, gradually closes the skin’s pores, bringing your colour back to normal. Your skin is left feeling soft, refreshed, hydrated and restored balance.


Every woman should perform two cures per year.

In fact, not only does the serum treat random patchiness, but, by acting on the circulation and evenly irrigating the papilla in the dermis, it stimulates activity in the cutaneous tissues and activates the regeneration of new lovelier, healthier cells.


30 ml

Suitable for
Suitable for delicate, sensitive skin prone to flare-ups, broken capillary, irritated and dull skin.

Direction for use
Apply in the morning after cleansing. Gently massage until completely absorbed and follow up with the makeup base.

Key ingredients
Witch Hazel Subside congestive phenomena. Corn Poppies Soothing and calming. Centella Asiatica Moisturizing and restructuring the collagen network and elastic fibres. Red Vine Rich in vitamin C, to promote blood circulation.

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